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wait joe is a girl? I though jo was girl, joe was boy. thats all i have to say l a l a l a l a l a l a l a l a l a l a l a l a l a l a ...

by Alasou

It looks weird, but anything Derpy is fun. derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp derp de...



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Just call me Bill.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My pronouns are She/Her.
The only thing I really do on this site is PMDUnity.


Introduce yourself.
Your name is MARY SUE, and you are SUGOI. You are immortal, and you love SANS-SENPAI, FREDDY-CHAN, and KARKAT-KUN. You are a YANDERE, and the HIGHESTBLOOD possible. Your trolltag is soSugoi, and Y0U 7YP3 L1K3 7H15.
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Sankei Drayek
Your name is SANKEI DRAYEK, and you are a SELF-INSERT. You enjoy wearing HATS, and think DRAGONS are amazing. You wish you were a SEADWELLER, and idolize them. HUMAN VIDEO GAMES interest you very much, as do HUMAN CARTOONS. You are 5.54 sweeps old, and you love to ROLEPLAY. Your trolltag is triangularAffinity, and you, as your username states, love tri^ngles.
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Meinun Weabuu
Your name is MEINUN WEABUU. You love ANIME and MANGA, and have always dreamed of being a MAGICAL GIRL. Your trolltag is sailorOtaku, and you use emoticons a lot, as well as replacing all punctuation with that little wavy symbol~
My first fantroll! Made using
As most of you know, I can't draw that well. I pair my Greninja, Dora, and my Lucario, Luke, together. So when I look up
Greninja x Lucario, and bad things come up, I get angry. Instead of the nice pictures I want, there's a picture of a Greninja that... ugh... I don't even want to say it. It's definitely inappropriate. So instead of drawing inappropriate things, let's work on drawing nice things. How about cute little Joltiks, or whatever Pokemon you find cute? How about something like this:
 instead of whatever dumb inappropriate fetish thingy came up when I looked up Greninja x Lucario. Something like this: instead of what is basically Pokemon porn? The stuff people post is going to be on the internet for a very long time, so let's make sure it's nice stuff. You wanna draw Greninja in love with someone? How about this:
 instead of something that makes me want to throw up? And I know Greninja has a little thingy that looks quite inappropriate, because it's... well... THERE. That doesn't mean you have to be inappropriate about it. It is not Greninja's nether regions. Frogs have incredibly different private parts than humans.… <--- I looked it up!
I only have one thing to say to the people who litter the internet like this:



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